From roughly this period, things began to get completely crazy, in terms of keeping track of the correct sequence of events, so even though my ‘inner Librarian’ wants to detail the correct and accurate sequential progress of my posters - there were simply too many plays and too much going on, to be a good little archivist.

I got lazy, from time to time, and began to take advantage of the awesome new thing known as a ‘computer’ - to churn out a generic looking poster for my annual one-man ‘comedy’ show.

I kept the naive styled lower case hand lettering of my name, and the ever-present ‘face’ logo, but the lower part of the poster, was all very impersonal and machinelike.

With hindsight, that’s probably a suitable description, of how I was slowly beginning to feel at times, about the stand up comedy shows. I hate repetition - and I could sense that's what was going on. Time for a new challenge to surface somewhere or somehow...