Ten Minute Plays

'Cat and God'  

"A play about dogs, cats, and reincarnation. Fluffy the dog has a big problem. He used to be an astronaut. And worst of all, the cat next door hates him."

(Publisher: One Act Play Depot, Canada. 2007).


'A Dead Soldier in the Family'

"A modern fairytale of murder, payback, and vengeance. What's worse than having a son die in the Army? Having his ghost return, to ensure that his family pays for it."


'The Family Beef'

"A deliciously tasty story of parental love, and cannibalism. An elderly couple do what they think is best, to help their son avoid making a bad relationship choice."

(recommended for inclusion in the Eileen Heckart Drama for Seniors Competition Collection, in the archives of the special collections of The Ohio State University Library)  


'Yours Till the Cows Come Home'

"A charming love story, about infection and lies. A married couple, go through their nightly rituals of argument and making up - watched by the ghosts of their dead lovers."