Another of my theatre pieces was ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy.’ Given the chaos of so many shows occurring simultaneously,  I have no media about this; all I have, is my original ‘poster blank’ which I created and enlarged, ahead of passing it to the director, Ben Kruger.

It’s in a lousy condition - and when I scanned this in, it was in two pieces, which didn’t quite fit together, goshdarnit.

Still, what’s left does convey a number of things, some of which I’ll tell you, and other bits will remain between me and a therapist one day.

The play deals with the increasing angst of two elevators (’lifts’) in a building about to be demolished. They argue passionately about Belief.

The one elevator believes it’s their duty to serve ‘God’ - who lives at the top of the shaft above them - the other, a more atheistic sort of elevator, doesn’t buy this idea.

“You think God’s up there, with little buzzing wings and wearing a pink figure hugger and waving a magic wand? The Sugar Plum Fairy?” he asks.

And the poster shows this stylized idea of God as it exists, in the play itself. A silhouetted, slightly plump and winged Deity, standing in the clouds, wherein rests the title itself. I was and still am very pleased with both the poster, and the staging, and effect of the play.

I’d never managed to make audiences cry before.

I liked the idea of being able to convey a possible truth about our reality, in a way which cut through the sophisticated veneer of adulthood, and spoke to the child inside all of us - and rendered them upset and anguished at how shitty our world mostly is.
Unfortunately, all that remains of this piece’s Media, is this rather ragged and fragile initial ‘poster blank.’
That's kind of typical. One of the few pieces that I allowed myself to actually have some creative, and artistic satisfaction about - and I have almost nothing to show for it, apart from this poster, and the script itself.

A very Zen lesson.