Shifty Records  assembled various recordings of me doing my ranting so-called 'poetry' - taking audio from assorted bits of camera footage, and mixing it together - ultimately marketing a cassette tape release.

Always had a soft spot for Shifty and the various folks involved with it. It's only now, a decade or two on, that I can see just how far-sighted, if not downright visionary, Lloyd Ross and the others were, in doing their best to capture and record as much of the expanding vibrant music culture, that they could, in those heady wild days of the 1980's.

I probably should have been nicer to them. But I suppose, with hindsight, we all had issues at that point in time.  Those were crazy days, strange days indeed. Mushrooming clouds of tear gas erupting across streets, mass arrests and beatings, as police stormed parties where 'interracial mixing' was occurring. Good grief...

My circular ‘face’ logo, had by now, become a standard logo for me.  So it was used as the cover, in negative. They also used the ‘naive’ lettering style that I enjoyed using.