This was another play of mine that won a major theatre award, and got staged.

Iíd come up with my usual plain and simple poster design.

In this case, given that the play was a nasty sexual comedy of manners, culminating in extreme violence - each Act overlaid with cooking instructions - I chose a simple image of a cartoon heart, with an arrow sticking out of it, and blood pooled beneath it.

Given the big award win, and the widespread publicity around it, this minimalist approach didnít fit with what the director wanted (he was probably right).

So my minimalist design got used, but overshadowed by a pretty awful font, to advertise the award at the top of the poster, which made everything a little over-balanced.

It was designed initially to have those simple elements. Name/title/logo/venue. It ended up looking rather messy, and I always winced slightly when I saw the poster.

And the bottom of the poster also uses a stodgy kind of font choice for the the actors and location. (This is the Grahamstown Festival poster).

Great production, nonetheless. It scared people. Always fun to do.  It rarely happens in Theatre - to try capture that brooding, looming menace seen in horror films, but unfortunately not often experienced in theatre. Horror, mm. Yum :)

With hindsight, the piece was also looking into the future - and realizing that 'there would be blood' for Apartheid. A very unpopular idea at that point in time when everyone was doing a national love-in post-Apartheid. I knew there'd be some ugly payback coming. This play was about that.












Another poster was created, after the play got sponsorship.

I didn't have anything to do with the design of it. When I saw it I winced a little, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I'm not exactly sure what the poster content has to do with anything in the play.

The colors, I think, were chosen because they were pretty much the South African Breweries own colors - and they had sponsored the poster.

(Its raggedness comes from living in my garbage bag 'library' in my closet, for many years.)

And then, good grief - the poster spelled my name wrong -  with a 'Z'. (Note the none-too-carefully redone 'S' over the original 'Z'

*face palm*

Still, the production itself was deliciously done, making a nasty and funny, gooseflesh-raising play that dealt with a whole bunch of issues.

I'm sitting with a bad video version of it. If I can give in to my inner geek, and work out the format technicalities, and eliminate the shaky camcorder aspect, of the visuals, and improve the audio, I might put chunks of it up online, in a 'Movies' section.