I don’t have my initial poster for ‘Dogs of the Blue Gods’. unfortunately - which is kind of irritating, as it was a beautifully simple poster.

Thing began getting a little crowded, with so many of my plays being staged.

Here’s a fairly derivative computer created generic poster, for one of the Johannesburg ‘Festivals’ of my plays. This one gives an idea of the growing craziness, at times.

As you can see, it’s advertising a straight drama piece, which I was doing (Manson), as well as a ‘one man comedy’ show, (’Uncensored’) as well as a gorgeous production of ‘Dogs of the Blue Gods’ being done by the ever hard-working Ben Kruger.

So I was having to go through this gear-change of personas every night.

The old adage about ‘biting off more than I could chew’ began to be felt by me, quite early on in the damn run. Learned my lesson, I did.