Around this time, CAPAB (the Cape Performing Arts Council) staged my ‘Blitzbreeker and the Chicken from Hell’ play.

I’d made a basic poster, which simply used the overly-lengthy title itself, as the total design.  I wanted to achieve a certain campy and tacky B-grade ‘Zombies from Planet X!!!’ effect. (Hence the circling of the second half of the title).

This simple design was too plain for the professional theatre company - and they used my design for the titling, but added their own overall ‘poster design’ - which to me, made for an overly ‘busy’ poster.

Here’s the initial poster, which hit the streets in Cape Town. The ‘title’ part, the hand-drawn title is all that remains of my original poster design.

(The theatre designers evidently figured that the soldier character in the play, and the live chicken, which also featured, was somehow a useful draw for the audiences and needed to cover most of the poster).

Added to this, was the pretty weird font-choice below the title, (advertising yet another Amstel Playwright nomination for the script.)

It didn’t seem to matter much, as word spread fast, CAPAB had a hit, and the crowds poured in to see the show, and a great time was had by all.

















When CAPAB decided to bring the Blitzbreeker play to the Grahamstown Arts Festival, they revamped the poster.

Again, they didn’t go with my minimalist design, and instead slapped a photograph of actor Jonathan Pienaar (as the ‘Blitzbreeker’ of the title) clutching the chicken which features in the piece.

They did use my lettering again for the title, which was kind of cool.

But, as with the poster above, it just wasn’t the poster I’d originally imagined, or how I would have sold the play. This is an odd design - I'm still not sure why they had to put the damn chicken on the poster, though.  Maybe plays featuring live chickens being hypnotized are a draw-card in their own right. *shrug*